New Features in Madden Mobile 17


Madden Mobile has been updated this season and the new game has great features that is filled with high drama and great moves. The game has just been made better and has brought each gamer to spend more time in the game. Not only is the game addictive to play but also has a number of features that show why gameplay is the essence of any game, and madden mobile 17 is just no exception

The Offense and the Defense Games

The Offense and the Defense are the chief features of madden mobile that has always thrilled the audience. Any team is a mixture of the good and the not-so-good. That is why superior moves are provided for the elite players and the not-so-good players get the ordinary, everyday moves. There are many on-screen provisions that make the game so easy to play and easy to identify. Better techniques to get past the defenders and playing hurdles as well as evasion of defenders have been improved upon. Effective tackling strategies to overcome opponents are also provided.  The defensive can easily be tackled with innovative plans. O course, playing the defense has its own techniques and strategies. Filling up gaps and countering catches are new here. Stopping runs is made better and options for run or pass are provided.

Kicking Meter

The Kicking meter has been updated with the press system to represent start of kick, setting the power and setting accuracy. This three button press is a great feature that is very useful to make immediate movement and score goals and test performance. Outside kicks through the aiming system are much better and necessary for the game. The kick blocking with icon above each player are very easy to read and for executing blocks. New moves for passes and runs have been introduced that are quite fascinating and innovative.

Nailing the look

The Big Decision option to make immediate actions in the Franchise Mode is truly awesome. Strategically located powerful cameras have added more reality to the field and give more simulation. Score updates are also provided just as in real games. The general appearance of the game is made finer and more refined with features that make the game more impressive and interesting. Though it is not possible to completely replicate the NFL players, EA must be praised for its attempt to do so and the result is also notable. The players in the game have the appearance of the real players- from jerseys to numbers.

Use game guide to earn more coins when you play the game. If you are a little low on coins, which is the currency used in the game, you could always try playing the every day events to get a better chance at winning more coins. You can also choose to buy players in the auction house and later on sell them for a better rate, when their demand is high. It is an excellent tactic to follow to earn better coins with what you have.

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