Pollution Level in the SimCity and its Effects

SimCity BuildIt is an online mobile game that most gamers like to play. As a mayor, the player builds a city that is well-planned and well-designed. Buildings are constructed, basic utilities like power, water, sewage and drainage facilities are provided for the citizens to keep them happy, as they are the tax payers. There are various industries that exist in these cities that help to produce goods that are essential to the city and also to provide employment. However, with an all around growth and development in the city, there is a new factor that is detrimental to the city, which is pollution.


There are various issues that a developing city faces such as traffic, fire and pollution. How the mayor meets these challenges while continuing his duty of looking after the city depends on the efficiency of the mayor and the amount of Simoleons that he has with him, to take further steps. With increase in pollution, the Sim citizens will not prefer to live in such cities and show their unhappiness towards the pollution in the air and water.

Levels of Pollution

As the number of industries increase in a city, the pollution level increases. The dirty industries are the most important cause of pollution. If the pollution level increases, the land value decreases. When there is no pollution, the atmosphere is clear and the Sims are happy living in the city. If the pollution level is Low, it suggests that the city is dirty and has less pollution. The Sims live there but are not totally happy with the pollution that exists. When pollution level grows High, the Sims start showing their discontent. The environment advisor will start giving alerts to the mayor about the level of pollution. Land values decrease further. The next levels are Very High pollution and Hazardous pollution. When the city hits very high pollution, the Sims start moving away from the residential areas and commercial areas get deserted. In the Hazardous mode, there are toxic cloud formations that occur over such polluted areas. This causes acidic rain which destroys the environment.

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Measures to Curb Pollution

The mayor has to take drastic measures to control pollution. Industrial pollution has to be overcome by destroying dirty industries. New and updated industries will have to be introduced to provide a cleaner environment. Introducing high tech methods of producing goods can be done, so that production process becomes easier and better industries that take care of pollution are also introduced. High tech industries can develop only if the Sims get adequate education. Hence education should also be given importance. Traffic can be controlled to avoid traffic jams and trees can be planted to provide fresh air. Water pollution through stagnant waters and from industrial wastes getting mixed in the water bodies have to be controlled through drastic measures.

The mayor has to take immediate steps to control pollution and he requires huge amount of currencies to take care of the pollution factor. He can make use of the simcity buildit hack apk to get free and unlimited quantity of Simoleons that are required to take of such pollution control strategies.

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